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Stavanger Vinforum is one of Norway's' largest private wine clubs, with more than 1,000 wine-loving and interested members from all over the county Rogaland.


Our main event is the yearly wine exhibition  -  always held on the third Saturday of January.  The exhibition welcomes over 600 participants each year, with between 15 and 20 importers presenting their current wines from different regions. We are however active all year round, providing tastings and courses, in addition to our wine school for old and new members.   



Stavanger Vinforum offer a variety of events throughout the year.  Our wine school focuses on basic knowledge about wine, viticulture and varietals - in addition to providing introductions to different wine regions for the aspiring wine expert.  Our speciality tastings offer rarities and legendary wines and vintages for connoisseurs - and for the curious - of all age groups.   

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